samantha's got that one thing
almost sixteen. animal lover. i'm not ashamed to admit that i'm the nerd in your life that wants horses. i'm quite the bitch and i'm not ashamed to admit that. i'm happily taken. ♥ never done drugs, unless prescribed. i'd rather be riding horses than partying. that's me.

new tumblr. follow it. deleting dis one.

just giving ya’ll a heads up as to where my tumblr is before i delete this one.

i think i’ll make a new blog. or revamp this one.

to all fathers…


never ever ever ever ever ever tell your daughter you will be at the football game to watch her cheer and then don’t show up. your daughter will literally be holding back tears the entire night. 

this is the 10th game my dad’s done this to me…yes, i’ve been counting.

thanks, dad.